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One of the easiest things to postpone in life is the making of your Will.

Life goes on from day to day and there appears to be no pressing need to face up to so
many apparently complex decisions.

This may be one of the reasons why roughly only three people out of ten make a Will, resulting
in confusion and possibly hardship for surviving family and relatives after death.

The skilled legal advice which smoothes all the procedures is readily available here at Penn Sassoli.

We work closely with our Tax Specialists to ensure that our Clients receive up-to-date advice in regard
to Inheritance Tax and related issues.


Penn Sassoli have access to specialist Trusts advice for Clients seeking to establish lifetime settlements or Will Trusts
to cover a variety of situations including provision for disabled beneficiaries.


Penn Sassoli have many years’ experience in the winding up of estates both large and small.

We pride ourselves in offering friendly and sensitive advice at what is often a difficult time for bereaved families.

We shoulder the administrative burden for Clients by taking over all of the paperwork associated with the winding up of an estate.

We provide a detailed costs estimate at the outset and a clear indication as to the likely time-frame involved and an explanation of the various legal procedures.

We communicate with beneficiaries and we provide regular progress reports.



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