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Penn Sassoli is only too aware of the sensitive nature of the various issues that
arise in relation to divorce and separation and therefore actively seek to assist
the client in every way possible to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Whether it is a simple divorce by agreement or contested financial issues the same
high level of attention and consideration is given to the client.

We also are able to advise and prepare deeds of separation and co-habitation and post
nuptial agreements to embody the agreed terms between the parties as well as carrying
out all necessary negotiations.

In dealing with the financial issues arising from any divorce or separation , Penn Sassoli seek to
obtain a fair and satisfactory outcome for the client and wherever possible endeavour to avoid
incurring the considerable costs in proceeding to a contested trial.

In matters concerning children of the family again every attempt is made to lessen the impact on
all concerned in dealing with such personal and sensitive matters and full attention and consideration
is offered to achieve this.

Clients are kept regularly updated on correspondence received and are encouraged to keep in contact
with the partner conducting the case so that the matter is dealt with together and as a team.



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