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Penn Sassoli appreciate and understand the importance of speedy and effective
recovery of outstanding debts for the business client and the importance of acting
promptly to clients instructions to issue pre action letters or statutory demands in
circumstances where the debt cannot be disputed.

If no response is received we actively seek our clients’ instructions and if so instructed
proceed to the issue of court proceedings including court summons or bankruptcy or
winding up petitions.

In cases where judgment is obtained and enforcement is required we discuss with the client
the best method to employ in the recovery of the debt. It will depend on the nature of the
debt and of the debtor himself as to which method is recommended. In some case it may be appropriate
to apply for the debtor to be orally examined before the Court to ascertain the debtor’s assets before
deciding upon the best enforcement methods.

Throughout the case the client is informed regularly as to progress and all requests for information are acted upon
promptly whether by telephone, e mail or post.



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